Dia de Beauté the book: cover, making of teaser and more

Oh what a trill to write this post, you cannot imagine how happy/excited/anxious I am…

Here is the cover of my book! Dia de Beauté – a makeup guide for real life ♥♥♥

livro ddb

It’s even hard cover, very fancy! I shared it last week on my social media, so perhaps you’ve seen it already, but I was waiting to post it here when I could announce that – woohoo – the pre-sale starts today! And also to share the teaser of the making of the book (the complete video will be released soon and I will also post it here, naturally)

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts…

To download and English excerpt of the DDB book, click here

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Direction: Hick Duarte}

{Film crew: Victor Nomoto, Rodrigo Esper, Wesley Allen and Hick Duarte}