Vic loves…


What: Nail Polish in Orage
Brand: Chanel
Why: I love dark nail polishes that look “almost black”. I think they have the same effect as the black ones – give nails a more sober, dramatic and wintery look, have an edge that is the opposite of the “good girl” pink, but with a more sophisticated and interesting feel than the pure black. Chanel is very good in this “dark almost black” sector, I am crazy for Vendetta (dark purple) and my new favourite is Orage, a dark greyish blue, very beautiful and a great choice for colder days. Available here.

What: Glow Highlighter in Gleam
Brand: Topshop
Why: With a creamy texture, it is the kind of highlighter that doesn’t have visible sparkle and therefore gives that “glow from the inside” effect, more subtle and great for the day. This pearly shade has a transparent finish that works well on paler and darker complexions, and I love wearing it alone or, at night, under a more shimmery powder highlighter for an amplified and festive result. Glow reminds me of another highlighter I love, the RMS Living Luminizer, but with a friendlier price! Available here.

What: Bathina
Brand: Benefit
Why: Bathina, the greatest! It never leaves makeup artists’s kits, always shows up backstage at shows and photo shoots, and smart girls don’t live without it. I must confess I have had mine for ages but never remembered to use it, until I started noticing the difference it makes on photos (#bloggerlife). My “wow” moment was when going to a show with my friend Cami Coutinho, she applied Bathina in the car, offered me and I said “ah, no need for it”. When I saw our photo together… She had beautiful legs, smooth and glowy, and mine… Not near as nice looking! Now I cannot live without it, I take it everywhere and apply it when I’m already dressed, only in the parts of the body that are showing (legs, arms, décolleté). It doesn’t stain hands/clothes, dries down and is super long lasting. Available here.

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}