Inspiration: Oscars parties and +

And here is the rest of the inspirations from the night of the Oscars, with makeup and hairstyles from the people who went to the parties going on after the awards! I thought it would be nice to already include also some of the other events of te week, so here is another huge post of inspirations to fill your folder – with photos that increase in size if you click on them

poppydPoppy Delevingne with wine lipstick and discrete eyes with lashes + illuminated internal corner of the eye and hair down and straight with very sleek front and behind the ear

michelle mMichelle Monaghan’s hair follows the same “down, but a way from the face” logic, but with waves and not so close to the scalp. I found her makeup in shades of brown and pink very pretty

nataliepNatalie Portman looks a bit funny in this photo, but I loved the darker makeup with black eyepencil on the waterline and lots of lashes – it’s a nice way to go for a more dramatic makeup, without making a heavier smokey eye! The hair was up with a bouffant

lilycollinsI loved Lily Collins looking super cool with this short hairstyle! And a blacker smokey eye, but with a certain lightness

karlie1Karlie Kloss with her hair down with volume also thrown to the side and very black makeup on the contour of the eyes – I feel like this is a trend, it had been a while since we saw so much black eye pencil on the red carpet!

chloegraceChloe Grace Moretz had kinda of an updo after wearing her hair down for the Oscars, she was cute and princess like! She also applied a red lipstick, keeping the eyes soft

janefGorgeouus Jane Fonda and a great inspiration for more mature women: well defined lashes and eyeshadow in a not too dark shade, but with a color that gives a certain depth and highlights without being heavy. Soft skin and pinky lipgloss, and hair with volume

464173572Alessandra Ambrósio with brown and bronze smokey eye, pink nude lipgloss and wavy hair

kerrykKerry Washington was out of the Oscars post and I ended up including her here – I found the eyeliner makeup beautiful, a lighter eyeshadow in a lavender shade and very bold false lashes. Loose hair parted on the side

rosiehwI fell in love with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s hair, I was already loving the haircut on the shoulders level and found this styling with volume beautiful, kinda messy, thrown to the side…

alexaAlexa Chung with cute makeup, like a simplified 60s look with cat eyeliner on top, a touch on the lower external corner, beige eye pencil and mascara both on top and on the bottom. Loose and “well behaved”, parted on the side and on a good girl style

caradCara Delevingne showed up with classic and very Old Hollywood makeup and hair, red lipstick, well defined eyes, glam waves parted on the side… Very different from the “relaxed” look she usually goes for!

taylorsTaylor Swift showing that short hair can also be worn up – I love it! Makeup with bold lashes (the left ones got messed up, scary) and red lipstick

diane krug
Diane Kruger had soft makeup with pink lipstick and wavy hair

karlie2Karlie again, this time with more intense eyes – the smokey close to the bottom lashes popping out a bit more and powerful false lashes

margotrMargot Robbie had a hairstyle like Scarlett Johansson’s at the Oscars, but loose and without the shaved underneath – you can just sleek it back on the top and hold the sides next to the scalp! Soft and beautiful makeup, what I loved the most was the blush, I must say…! Showing a bit more than normally on the red carpet, it was pretty

ritaoRita Ora always killing it on the black eyes, I loved this very dramatic one with gold on the inner corner. Rebel loose hair

(Photos: Getty Images)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}