Vic loves…

What: Cleanse & Polish
Brand: Liz Earle
Why: I’m in a “hot cloth cleansers” phase, the kind you apply when you face is still dry, then wet it, massage and remove with a damp hot cloth – I already mentioned Eve Lom’s and Omorovicza’s Thermal Cleansing Balm on DDB, and am currently trying the Cleanse & Polish by Liz Earle, a British brand very dear to local magazines, bloggers and makeup artists thanks to its natural, not animal tested products with a friendly price. This cleanser is one of the most raved about products on the line, with almond milk, camomile and eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils in the formula, removes makeup super nicely (I only complement with a remover for the eye area) and leaves the skin very soft and happy. Available at Boots.

What: Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil in Dark Pearl
Brand: Charlotte Tilbury
Why: I’ve been using this chubby eyeshadow pencil in a lot of videos and thought it deserved a mention on Vic Loves… Colour Chameleon in Dark Pearl is one of my favourite products from Charlotte Tilbury’s amazing makeup range – must say I’ve been a fan of her line from day one. Why did it won my heart? Besides being a shadow pencil, a type of product I love for being so practical, easy to use and versatile – you can do a more discrete look or color the whole eyelid like an eyeshadow -, it has a perfect shade, a not too dark and not too light taupe that really enhances my eyes. In fact, the shades of these pencils were conceived by Charlotte to complement all eye colours, for which there is an option for the day (in my case, brown eyes, the Dark Pearl) and one for the night (mine is Amber Haze, a very pretty dark gold). The texture is great, easy to blend and with good lasting power, and I’ve been using mine around 4 times a week – a lot, considering I rotate products in order to try many… It’s real love! Available at Selfridges in the UK and Bergdorf Goodman in the US, as well as on Net-a-Porter.

What: Lemon Body Scrub
Brand: Phebo
Why: I completely fell in love for this body scrub, from Brazilian brand Phebo, the minute I opened the package and smelled the lemon fragrance – my oh my, how delicious! I have a thing for citric smelling shower products (super great for mornings, they seem to really wake you up) and this is a great one. When I tried it, I was hooked: it also has a rich texture and strong beads, two features I praise on body scrubs, for powerfully removing dead skin cells while moisturising at the same time. Phebo is one my favourite Brazilian brands and a must buy souvenir when you travel there, along it’s sister brand Granado. It is also available in Paris at Le Bon Marché.

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}