#camievictakepe – season finale

Episode 4 of #camievictakePE is live! It took a while, but this one is very special, 25 minutes (!), and it was a bit harder to edit – I know you understand! In this episode, we visited Melk Z-Da’s atelier, had lunch at painho’s restaurant, walked around Olinda with Derlon, an amazing artist from Pernambuco… And, to finish, the Meet-up with the readers at Shopping RioMar, which was great. I am missing this trip already just by watching the videos #attached I hope you enjoyed this season as much as we enjoyed making it! And soon we’ll staring filming another one hum? Keep an eye here!

I posted some photos I loved from the trip by the end of the post – there are photos from all the days, for the ones who want to watch the other episodes: here is the 1st and here are the 2 & 3(the credits for all the clothes and accessories are also in these links)

Dress – Pat Bo
Necklace – Acervo Vintage
Sunglasses – Topshop
Bag – Gucci
Sandals – Jimmy Choo
+ the next day in the morning:
Vestido – Silken several girls asked, the brand doesn’t have a website yet, but it has an Instagram account, here, and you can find it for sale at Gallerist and at OQ Vestir!
Óculos – Retrosuperfuture
+ look Meet-up:
Skirt and Blouse – Giuliana Romanno
Sandals – Sergio Rossi
Earrings – vintage

Mãe das Bombas – Mabombe (abertura)
Fervo – Mabombe
Easy – Copacabana Club
This Way – Copacabana Club
Bouge ton Squelette (instrumental) – Bande Dessinée
Setubanalidades (instrumental) – Bande Dessinée
#3 – Isadora
Intempestiva – Bande Dessinée
This Song – Rico










photo 1



photo 3

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Film crew and edition: Hick Duarte}