Body makeup

We’re always applying makeup in our face, but it’s not always that we remember to pay a little attention to the body right? But there are several products for that, and applying makeup to the body is a great trick to even out the skin a bit more, leaving it tanned and illuminated – especially arms and legs, that usually are showing when you wear party/events outfits

And besides the ready-made products, you can always do a homemade version! I asked for the mix recipe that the top makeup artist Henrique Martins used for catwalks and on his famous clients – easy and it super gives you a lift.

Two tips: don’t over do it (it’s a touch of tan and of light, unless it’s Carnival!) and, if possible, apply it way before you get dressed, to give time for the product to dry and avoiding the stains on the clothes (the ideal situation is that you previously study well where the cleavage/dress ends to know exactly where you need to apply it). But if it is one of those clothes that drag on the skin when you put it on, it is better to apply it after otherwise it will all come off, but you need to be careful not to stain the look!

Maquiagem Corpo

Huile Prodigieuse Or – Nuxe – a version of the dear oil with gold particles (more shimmer, less color)
Meia de Seda – Yes Sabrina Sato – Sabrina Sato is one of the queens of body makeup! This product has more color and a subtle shimmer
Body Bling – Scott Barnes – several celebrities love this one, color and shimmer on the right measure. I’ve seen Gabi Pugliesi giving this tip on Instagram, it leaves the skin even and very pretty
Wash Off Tan – St Tropez – wash off version of the self tan St. Tropez, leaves a very beautiful color, it’s more intense (super white girls like me need to be careful with it)
Wash Off Tan – James Read – similar to the one by St. Tropez, this James Read is the British top “tanner”
Bathina – Benefit – this one doesn’t have a color, but it leaves a beautiful glimmer on the skin and a velvety look. It comes with a velvet puff to apply and it’s not a cream, it has the consistency of a hard balm

Maquiagem Corpo- receita caseira

Face & Body Foundation + Nivea Moisturizer + Bronzer Powder + Gold Pigment – this is the recipe that Henrique always does: you only need to mix all the ingredients and apply. There are no measurements, you go with your feeling when you start mixing – if you want more color you add more foundation, if you want more tan you add more bronzer, if you want more shimmer you add more gold pigment!

He usually used the Face and Body Foundation, the Loose Powder Golden Bronze and the Pigment Old Gold by MAC with Nivea Moisturiser

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}