Brides with loose hair

Did you see how beautiful Poppy Delevingne got married last week? I thought it was a great inspiration for the brides who don’t want to tie up their hair: she had it loose, with sleek and soft curls. I loved her look, it was chique, but without being too set and formal – good especially because the ceremony was during the day.

And since I am really living a “brides” moment – wedding of one of my best friends tomorrow, two of the weddings of my sister in June… (I spoke about her several weddings here) – and I took advantage of the post to gather some other good inspirations for brides with loose hair!

noivas de cabelo solto

Royalty and top models wearing 100% or almost all loose: Kate Middleton went for a more behaved version, princess worthy. I loved Kate Moss’ hairstyle especially by the way it looks with the veil. Then there’s the three women that went toward the more relaxed way, Anja Rubik and Lily Aldridge plus, Jeise Chiminazzo a little bit less. And last but not least, Natasha Poly with a beautiful flower embellishment and tied up only on the ends!

(Final observation: it’s worth to use these references even not being a bride hehe! Especially in terms of texture and curl size, more open, more defined..)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}