My shop at Enjoei

Girls! First of all, this week’s video is late (for a change haha) because I had some technical issues to send it to Re so that she can edit it. I filmed it especially from Como, in Italy, where I was to attend the Trend Presentation by MAC (I will tell you all about it later! It was awesome) – but the Internet connection at the hotel was the worsssst and it didn’t send the files at all. Now I am back in London and sent them, so it will be published as soon as she manages to finish it ;)

But today I wanted to go a bit apart from beauty to tell you about my shop at Enjoei!


Hahaha, people they are very funny – Look at the theme they came up with for my shop! Something London, royalty, even Queen Elizabeth showed up in the video we did, me and Jana Rosa, to present the shop (right below)… And the “dia de roupé” (‘roupa’ is the Portuguese word for clothes)? Amazing

For the ones who don’t know, Enjoei is a website where you can sell clothes, shoes and other things that… you got tired of. It’s open for everyone that wants to sell their items, and they also make special shops – Julia Petit, Cami Coutinho and Jana are a few of my friends who already had their own – and they loved the experience.

Ana, the one who idealize the whole thing, got in touch with me when I was moving to London, but I had already done the master cleansing and given everything away, so it didn’t work out to do it. But when I went to SP for those two weeks, I went kind of crazy with several things I left at my mom’s and… I thought it was a great time to go for Enjoei! I will tell more about it in the video…

The shop is live in this link for the ones who want to check it! Ana, thank you for the invitation – I had lots of fun and loved the way you work and how perfectly you do everything!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}