Met Gala 2014 – Part 2: glam x minimal

After choosing my 12 favorite celebrities from Met Gala in this post here, it’s time to talk about the other beauties of the night – it’s a flood of photos (that get huge if you click on them), prepare your inspiration folder!!

I split the post in two macro trends: glam, a glamour from old Hollywood, very Charles James who is the theme of the Met exhibition, with full buns (very low), defined waves, classic makeups and lots of red lipstick, and minimal, with more discrete productions or, we can even say, more modern – as in they leave all the focus on the dress, and can also have a messier, more relaxed vibe… Here, less rigid hairstyles or updos without elaborate volume and an almost non existing makeup. I really love both, I must say!


diane 1
Diane Kruger with the classic smokey makeup that she rocks as nobody else, perfect brows and pink lipstick… And a full low bun shaped as a fan that I found super luxurious

diane 2
Diana’s bun from the side

Taylor Swift only had to do the makeup and hairstyle she always wears and go right – she is naturally a fan of this old glamour aesthetics! I love the more opened shade of the red lipstick and the gold close to the bottom eyelashes

Short hair with more defined waves (here the lipstick looks darker right, these lights on the red carpet always confuse us)

amy 1
Amy Adams’ classic and beautiful bun– I think of ideas for brides… right?

amy 2
Eye with lead grey metallic eyeshadows and defined lashes

Dita Von Teese is another one that looks like this even just to go out for a coffee (hahaha). She has the most absurd skin I’ve seen in my entire life (live really!)

jessica alba 2
Another option for an interesting low bun with volume (similar to Diane Kruger’s) is Jessica Alba’s bun

jessica alba
Who also went with a beautiful copper and gold smokey and plenty of eyelashes

bianca b
I mentioned on the post about my favorites that on the Dolce & Gabbana’s “team” all had flowers on their hair right? Well, flowers or embellishments, as Bianca Brandolini shows here – the most beautiful thing these embellishments spread throughout the braid…

… and here Tabitha Simmons’ flowers…

And Giovanna Battaglia’s – I loved it, I also want to wear a braid aaaaaall embellished with flowers

karen elson
Karen Elson looks like a painting, gorgeous her updo with bangs and her negative smokey eye – a trend I’ve been seeing a lot on shows and red carpets, I will speak more about it… But it’s the non smokey, done in almost nude shades and that, even if it doesn’t seem like it, makes a good different on the makeup. Good to combine with bright lipsticks

Jessica Paré had a full and high bun with a small pompadour on the front + beautiful pink lipstick and defined brows

liu wen
Another one with the combo beautiful lipstick + brows, Liu Wen (and an updo parted on the side and soft pompadour)

fei fei sun
Fei Fei Sun also wore a bold lipstick, but with a gorgeous eyeliner and a hairstyle with defined waves

Marion Cotillard with another glam-vintage-chic updo, forming a wave twisted on the side

Reese Witherspoon in vintage waves, pink lipstick and false lashes on the external corner of the eye

anna k 1
Another option of an updo like the ones from “back in the days” is the banana bun, as Anna Kendrick wore

anna k
Complementing with an eyeliner

Kirsten Dunst had an updo with pompadour and smokey makeup + bright lipstick (it’s the Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg, by Nars)

I loved Naomi’s makeup, with super illuminated eyes with silver and gold eyeshadow on the internal corner of the eye… Power inspiration for dark skin women (+ loose hair with messier waves)

Cara Delevingne had loose hair and waves all over the shoulder + embellishment on the side and basic smokey makeup

Lupita was bold with this hair accessory choice, but being the Met, I think it’s super worth it! And I loved the eye with purple eyeshadow

rita ora
Rita Ora had bold lips + super highlighted lashes – and a detail I loved was her deep side part gilded with gold leaf as seen at Dries Van Noten show! It’s a very interesting detail…

Selena Gomez rocked the grape-wine lipstick + profusion eyelashes and eyeliner

Rihanna’s hair originated some controversy, I really like the texture of the curls, but perhaps a tiny bit less messy – but I thought the makeup was really beautifuuul, these pale/mauve shades both on her lips and as eyeshadow really highlighted her natural beauty (besides the eyeliner, that also works for RiRi)

Toni Garn was in the favorites post, but Jordan Dunn was not behind with her updo with sleek front and red lipstick to contrast with her yellow dress

lily allen
Another hair I haven’t decided if I liked, but I though Lily Allen’s eyeliner was gorgeous


claire danes
Claire Danes with eyes contoured with eye pencil on the inside and close to the top eyelashes…

And an updo that I found cute, really low and with softer waves

Gisele being Gisele, always foxy

kim k
I liked Kim Kardashian, softer makeup compared to the one she used to wear in the past, but still super highlighting her features, and chic hair with sleek waves, but not too defined, and parted on the side

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley went with straight and loose hair with the front tucked behind the ears + eyeliner

Leighton Meester had relaxed waves to contrast with the dress all embroidered

hailee 2
Another low bun wore by the cute Hailee Steinfeld…

… e makeup only with eyeliner, very pretty

anne h
Anne Hathaway was very minimal, with short hair parted on the side and without volume and soft makeup (the lipstick is Rouge Coco Shine in Emotion, I read somewhere)

Charlize Theron also with short hair parted on the side, but with a little pompadour, and a smokey eye in shades of grey

kate b
Kate Bosworth had a bun veeery close to the scalp + “no makeup” makeup

Kendall Jenner went with loose hair, with volume and all pulled back – I thought it complemented her whole look! – and a beautiful smokey makeup

kristen 2
Kristen Stewart had a very interesting hairstyle, a very messy braid loose on the front…

… and the smudged makeup that is so her

Elizabeth Olsen with another great example of a negative smokey eye, in almost nude shades and a gorgeous sparkle = orange lipstick

Simple and great bun 1: Karolina Kurkova

lily aldridge
Simple and great bun 2: Lily Aldridge

Nicole Richie’s a bit crazy purple hair – but what I really loved was the eye covered in a light glitter!

joan smalls
Joan Smalls also dared to wear purple, but on her lips! I am not sure if I like it yet, but I loved the braid

(Photos: Getty Images)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}