Grammys 2014, makeup and hair

And the red carpets don’t stop!! Yesterday was the Grammys night, and here are the makeups and the hairstyles I liked the most – always with the huge photos, just click that it zooms!

Rita Ora killeeeeed it with the purple smokey eye! I fell in love, want to make one in me like now in this minute (when I saw it, the eye shadow Daphne, from Nars, came to my mind – a gorgeous purple that can make this effect… I am gonna test it and who knows if it won’t end up in a TV Beauté right?). The half pink nude lipstick is beautiful also, and the hair with the diva waves à la Marilyn Monroe

Another makeup I want to copy right now is Taylor Swift’s – I always love her makeups, actually. I loved the detail of the metallic blue eye liner (that you can do at home with an eye pencil or eye shadow (used with a wet pencil) in this shade, if you don’t have an eye liner) + super glitter silver on the internal corner of the eye + graphite smokey on the crease. And a pink lipstick and very discrete blush, not showing too much colour

For the hair she did a pony tail that immediately made me think of maids of honour and graduates! To run a bit away from the bun right? Here you can see the very illuminated skin and the eye liner with more detail

Beyoncé muse only dried the hair, that was wet during the performance, and got back to the seat like this, very natural – I loved it, I must say. For the makeup, wine lipstick and smokey without much elaboration (I also love) in a greenish graphite shade

Katy Perry went with the opposite of Beyoncé’s hair in terms of looking natural! Hehehe veeeery tight and with a high and twisted bun, very pompous (looking like the hairstyles that Alexandre de Paris did on Grace Kelly). Did you notice that Katy has been wearing much lighter makeups than before? I like it, I think she looks a bit more… fresh. Eye liner + fake lashes (only part where she exaggerated, but that’s ok cause the rest balances it out) + illuminated internal corner + same for skin + pinkish lipstick. And perfect brows!

Ciara did a hair I really love, with the front tied and a low and (apparently) without volume bun – it’s a hairstyle that looks great both in shorter as in longer hair, in the fake short style. And for the makeup a discrete bronze eye shadow, fake lashes and nude gloss

Alicia Keys is another one that has been softening the makeup lately – I really like to see her skin because before it was too covered! I prefer it like this, more natural, showing some of her freckles and all. On the eyes a light smokey on the external corner + metallic silver eye shadow from the middle to the inside + fake lashes also on the outside corner + nude gloss

Madonna wore super red lipstick (and the so called grillz, the peculiar jewellery for the teeth) and a highlighted eye just with (lots of) mascara on the top and bottom lashes and beige eye pencil on the waterline to open up. I just missed a bit more blush, she looked a bit pale. The waves are gorgeous!

So, what did you think? Ah, to finish, here is a greaaat link gathering all the performances of the night, for the ones that (like me!) couldn’t watch it live

(Photos: Getty Images)

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}