Taking care of your skin in the snow

As I mentioned in yesterday’s video, I am skiing in Val d’Isére, France, and have a few tips to share with you about skin care in the snow. Although it’s high summer in Brazil now, I know a lot of my readers travel to cold places this time of the year and I got asked for tips, products etc.

Some interesting facts I learnt writing an article about this for Vogue Brazil’s January issue: due to the altitude, in a ski piste there is 20% more UV radiation than on the beach, and the snow reflects 85% of the rays, MEANING that sunscreen is mandatory! Another key point is moisturising: my body skin gets so dry it hurts, and applying the body lotion right after the shower, while the skin is still a bit damp, makes a lot of difference. But everything gets dry – face, cuticles, lips… you need to take some action. I also tend to change a but my makeup routine, including more creamy products and really keeping everything to a minimal…

Below are the products I brought to save me this time around and some comments on them

Something crucial was left out of the photo: La Roche Posay’s thermal water, which for me is like taking toothpaste for a trip, I always have it, and here I find it especially important to neutralize the hard water from the tap!

top row
. Makeup Remover Créaline, Bioderma – it’s light and I use it to clean the face at the end of the day (available in European pharmacies and in some stores in the US like Zitomer)
. Facial oil, Sanctuary Spa – love face oils and when I’m in the extreme cold, I use it instead of the moisturiser, my skin gets very happy! (available at Boots in London)
. Moisturiser Lait-Creme Concentré, Embryolisse – you’ve seen it a lot around here, I like it because it is very neutral (available in French pharmacies and in some European and US pharmacies)
. Thermal Cleansing Balm, Omorovicza – I recently spoke about it in a Vic Loves, and it is awesome for that final face wash because it seems to remove all the residues of sunscreen/makeup while leaving the skin nourished (available at Sephora in the US and at Liberty in London)
. Sunscreen Sun Visor FPS 30, Goldfaden MD – a new product I brought to test here, very interesting: an SPF in the form of a super light mist that you can even put on top of makeup, since you don’t need to spread it. Good for touch ups throughout the day (available at Space NK in London and in the US)
. Sunscreen Physical Fusion FPS 50, Skinceuticals – this is one of my favourites, great texture, has a light color… Note that in the morning, in the peak of dryness, I put on the oil, Embryolisse AND the sunscreen on top (available at Boots)
. Oil Huile Prodigieuse, Nuxe – I LOVE this oil, it is one of those products that I always re-buy when it ends. Despite being a multi-usage oil (body, face and hair), I use it mainly on the body, hydrates without being greasy, smells delicious. But in this climate it is not enough, so I apply a powerful body moisturiser on top (available in French pharmacies, at Space NK in London and in the US)
. Crème de Corps, Kiehl’s – one of my favourite body lotions of all times! It’s the one I chose to bring this time, never disappoints. And this special edition for the New Year is very cute. I apply on top of the Nuxe oil (available at Kiehl’s stores)

bottom row
. Ointment Bepanthen – I’ve said a million times that I am absolutely dependent on Bepanthen to moisturise my lips (and cuticles) during the night. It is life saver, and on the snow even more. In fact my sister carries it in the pocket of her ski jacket instead of a lip balm…
. Cuticle moisturiser, Herôme – I bought it in the French Sephora and think it’s a great alternative for Bepanthen to apply during the day. Specially because it’s been 3 weeks since I had a manicure, so imagine the disaster
. Lipbalms: Sugar, Fresh & Homeostick, Boiron – I confess these are just some of the ones I brought, I like to spread my lip balms around – one in the ski jacket, one in the purse, one in the bathroom, a spare one in case the husband or someone else needs it, one in the living room of the chalet (because if I am in a moment gathered with the family having fun and the lips dry out OF NOTHING, as it usually happens, I don’t need to get one from the bedroom)… But these are new and my favourite ones at the moment! The Fresh one is easy to find in the US and in Europe, this is the traditional colourless, and the other is the stick version of the ointment Homeoplasmine, that makeup artists love (available in French pharmacies)
. Blush Velvet Stick color 03, Kiko – I wear almost no makeup during the day, it doesn’t even show behind so much clothes/ski goggles etc. But I really like a creamy blush, for a subtle healthy flush that won’t be to dry. I picked this one because I bought it recently and wanted to try it, and it’s great (a Kiko store just opened in London, but there are also stores across all Europe)
. Studio Conceal and Correct palette, MAC – I had to control myself with the luggage (really!), and the palette is so practical. Even on “no makeup” days I need some concealer on my dark circles.
. Eyelash curler, Kevyn Aucoin – I don’t wear mascara during the day, but I curls my lashes to make them stand out (available at Space NK)

The Vogue article:

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}