Bath oils: a tasting

I am a fan of the bath oils from Aromatherapy Associates, a very good British brand, and last week I did some shopping I loved: the Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection kit, with 9 mini bath oils with different scents (and for different needs), to make something like a tasting!


There are 4 families – Relax Deep and Light; De-Stress Mind and Muscle; Revive Morning and Evening; and Support Breathe, Lavender & Peppermint and Equilibrium. This kit comes with all the bath oils the brand has, but in small bottles of 3ml (you can use each of them twice).

What I loved the most was that I now have a “wardrobe” of scents for different situations – I am a firm believer in the power of the essential oils and the influence that the different scents have in humor! Besides that, it’s a great way of trying them all and check which one is worth buying in a bigger size. Relax Deep has chamomile and sandalwood so that you get zen after a working day, De-Stress Muscle has lavender, pepper and ginger to minimize muscle pain, Revive Morning has grapefruit and rosemary to wake you up in the morning, Support Breathe has eucalyptus, tea tree and mint to fully deplete you… I had used Relax Deep and Revive Morning in the past, also in mini versions but bought as a duo – the Revive one I loved immediately, the Relax one I marvelled at first, but then I got supper attached. I am looking forward to try all the other ones!


Not to mention that for traveling this size is great right? Here on the Aromatherapy Associates’ website you can check more details over each one of them, and they teach you how to use them either by putting them in your bathtub for an immersion bath experience or by applying them all over your body before the shower – I didn’t know about this technique, usually I apply them after the shower, I will try it!

I bought it for £32 at Fortnum & Mason, that not only is a place to go for tea, snacks and household items but it also has a very nice beauty area! I know that Liberty sells this brand (I spoke a bit more about Liberty’s beauty floor, that I love so much, in this post), and there are also several spas around the world using the brand. Here on the brand’s website you can check other addresses!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}