Cami e Vic Take Paris – Episode 5

Here is the penultimate episode of our reality-show-parisian-experience, me and Cami Coutinho during Paris Fashion Week! This was the day of the Chanel show… Oh I am already sad cause this will end hehehe!

My lipstick on that day was Ruby Woo, from MAC – here are more details of the makeup. And the sunglasses, that a lot of people ask about (and I think I answered in a lost post hahaha) are from Gucci. The earrings I wore during the day are from H&M and the ones I wore for dinner are from LOOL

Two moments of the day I posted on Instagram:
With the painting of the Chanel N. 5 perfumes in the Chanel “gallery” built in the Grand Palais – awesome!

With the birthday girl Camis and the dears Consuelo Blocker and Barbara Leão de Moura at Mama Shelter for dinner ♥

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}

{Film crew and edition: Hick Duarte}