Vic loves…


What: Living Luminizer
Brand: RMS
Why: It’s one of my favourite illuminators (although I have serious trouble to choose just one!!!). I bought it after reading in a magazine that it was the favourite of a makeup artist expert in brides – I wasn’t even engaged yet, actually, but I thought it would be nice to buy it already and guarantee it for the day I got married hahahah #completelynuts. And indeed I used it on my wedding. It’s creamy and it gives a more lush and dewy shine, than a sparkling particles shine – it gives a very pretty and natural effect. The brand is very nice – the owner is the makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, who lives in NY and is very trendy, and all the products are made with organic ingredients. Their philosophy is very nice, if you’re interested you can read more about it on their website.

What: Bio-Oil

Brand: Bio-Oil
Why: I didn’t know this product, but it arrived to Brazil recently and I started using it… and loving it! I did a search and noticed it has a lot of fans, but like really a lot, it won several awards already… It’s South African, but you can find it in many countries. And what does it do that is so incredible? Besides moisturizing the skin (I’m using it for the body), it revitalizes in general – for example, I was a bit red on new year’s even because I didn’t pay attention to the sun (hehe), I applied Bio-Oil and on the next day I was way better. It is also recommended for stretch marks (good for pregnant ladies!) and for scars in general. I didn’t try it on the face yet, but the brand says that it also helps to reduce wrinkles. The formule is a mix of several oils and plant extracts, but the secret is the PurCellin Oil, a patented ingredient that assures that the final consistency is light and not oily. Ah! It is certificated as being cruelty-free. Here on their website it has other information.

What: Dream Fresh BB

Brand: Maybelline

Why: From all the BB Creams I have tried, this is one of my favourites – light texture, light coverage (I am one of those who prefers a lighter coverage), rich and dewy effect on the skin, SPF 30… It solved my day-to-day problems. It has a friendly price and comes in 5 shades. I happen to use the medium one, which is a bit darker than my skin tone, but I like it cause it “warms” up my face a bit!

{Translated by Ana de Almeida}